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Have you ever wondered what literal hell would be like? Well now you don't have to. This bullet hell title toes the line between fun and frustrating, all while harkening back to the days of classic arcades. A time when video games didn't cater to your delicate sensibilities or pander to your pride. Tired of dying? Too bad. Try again. If you haven't taken the time to sink your teeth into Bullet Inferno, you absolutely should.


This looks cool, any plans to release a build for Linux? By chance did you build this in an engine that makes a Linux build easy? I'm happy to be a tester for a Linux port if you need that.


This game was made in Game Maker Studio 1.4, if I get the money to get Game Maker Studio 2 I would port to linux.  Thank you for bringing that up as I meant to say that.

This game is good and it's already headed towards great and then finally awesome. Give it a chance, support the dev. It's worth your time. 

Thank you so much, Malikye!  If you enjoy the game, I suggest joining the discord if you haven't already so you can check out development!
If you join quickly enough, I may still be giving playtest builds

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Good game


Thanks!  I'm glad you think so.  I hope you look forward to the full version!